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Invited Talks

  • CryptoLock (and Drop It): Stopping Attacks on User Data, NSA Centers of Academic Excellence Tech Talks (03/16/2017)
  • OnionDNS: A Seizure-Resistant Top-Level Domain, Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate Seminar (11/21/2013)

Media Coverage

  • WannaCry Has a More Lucrative Cousin That Mines Cryptocurrency for Its Masters, MIT Technology Review (05/17/2017)
  • Texas Computer Users Are Prime Targets for Ransomware, Texas Standard (02/27/2017)
  • Could hackers really take over a hotel? WIRED explains, WIRED UK (02/02/2017)
  • Why Ransomware Is the Perfect Hack, HowStuffWorks (01/07/2017)
  • CryptoDrop: Prevent Ransomware Attacks By Stopping Encryption Early, ipswitch Blog (09/01/2016)

  • A New Way to Mitigate USB Risks, BankInfoSecurity (08/19/2016)

  • Finally, a way to defang ransomware, GCN (08/02/2016)

  • Two Ways to Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks, MIT Technology Review (07/29/2016)

  • Security Now 569: Messenger, CryptoDrop, & Riffle, TWiT (07/19/2016) [Coverage begins at 1:56:32]

  • Stopping ransomware in its tracks, Network World (07/19/2016)

  • Real-Life Mr. Robots Dropped A Stop On Ransomware But Mr. Robot Scriptwriters Didn't Get The Memo, Forbes (07/14/2016)

  • CryptoDrop: Erpressungssoftware wird auf frischer Tat ertappt, Spiegel Online (07/14/2016)

  • Florida researchers claim to discover cure for the common ransomware, SC Magazine (07/13/2016)

  • Researchers Unleash Ransomware Annihilation, BankInfoSecurity (07/12/2016)

  • Ransomware 'stopped' by new software, BBC (07/12/2016)

  • Florida U boffins think they've defeated all ransomware, The Register (07/12/2016)

  • Could this be the answer to the ransomware threat?, Consumer Affairs (07/11/2016)

  • CryptoDrop Gives Users Hope to Prevent Ransomware Infections in the Future, Softpedia (07/11/2016)

  • This Anti-Ransomware Tool Could Save You Hundreds of Pounds, Huffington Post UK (07/11/2016)