Dr. Nolen Scaife

Repairing a DaisyWriter

Back in February 2021, I bought a lot of older computer equipment on Craigslist. The year before, my pandemic project was building a DOS/Win98-era (but that’s a story for another time), and I had a few saved searches for parts. At the time, I was most interested in picking up a couple of CRT …

Amazing weather in San Diego today for the first Workshop on SOC Operation and Construction!

This is a great introduction to the methods behind ChatGPT and some of its ML underpinnings. What is ChatGPT Doing and Why Does It Work? 📚

Looks like the House of the Dead monitor is working again. Just in time for Halloween! Can’t wait to get this installed in the cabinet this weekend.

Last weekend, we drove down the scenic Peak-to-Peak Highway to take in the fall scenery. We even saw a moose!

Taken today at the Lost Gulch Overlook near Boulder.

Moving my site from Squarespace to Micro.blog. After reading through Indie Microblogging, I decided that supporting indie software development and owning my content was the best of both worlds.